Bomanite Alloy Concrete Creates Art of High School Mascot Logo

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Decorative Concrete Harrisburg High School Mascot Logo using Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems with Bomaiite Alloy.

When you need your High School Mascot Logo to be custom purple, shiny, in decorative concrete, and skid-resistant, who you going to call? Well of course, Musselman & Hall.  Bomanite licensee Musselman & Hall worked with Kerkhover Studio Architects to develop a custom mascot logo for Harrisburg High School located in Harrisburg, IL.  The original design called for a purple Integrally colored band with stamped letters to read “Harrisburg Bulldogs” surrounding an inner circle of stamped concrete in a brick pattern.

Harrisburg High School Mascot Logo using Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems with Bomanite Alloy exterior walkway.

The project attracted the attention of several contractors who provided pricing but could not provide acceptable proof of previous similar work experience.  Thus Musselman & Hall was contacted for their extensive work and ability to provide samples of design ideas and installed projects to show them. After the initial phone conversation with the project manager, Musselman & Hall set up a meeting with the team to review the original design and provide some new exciting more modern options.

Exterior Walkway of decorative concrete High School Mascot Logo using Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems with Bomanite Alloy.

The team was so excited with the new options they chose to go with Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems using Bomanite Alloy that involved a custom Harrisburg Mascot Purple Color Hardener and engraving of the text and mascot at the center.  All of the design elements came together to create an eye catching focal point to the entryway. The Team loved the design and the sparkle.

Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems using Bomanite Alloy in custom Harrisburg Mascot Purple close up.

Bomanite Alloy is an architectural exposed concrete with varying exposure depths using non-native quartz and decorative aggregates that are surface seeded on concrete. Bomanite Alloy is well known for its highly durable surface due to the use of Bomanite Color Hardener, . Bomanite Alloy also provides increased surface and slip resistance. Bomanite Alloy is suited for exterior applications— anywhere that improved wear resistance for light- to moderate-duty vehicular or foot traffic combined with an architectural finish is necessary, which makes it perfect for the exterior walkway of the Harrisburg High School. The final product is a unique piece of decorative concrete art that the school staff and students will enjoy for many years to come.

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